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Website Design

Website Design To date, the design of the sites has been segmented into a separate direction, called web design. Modern WEB-design includes various components, such as - information architecture, design of user interaction (UX) and knowledge of the basics of human psychology. Also, you need technical skills:Read more

Interface Design

Interface Design Turning to me you can count on creating the structure and visual design of the application for various operating systems: Windows, Android, iOS, etc. I develop the design of user interfaces for various applications, web services, social networks, combining attractive appearance with ease of use.Read more

Creating a landing page

Creating a landing page Recently, the direction to create one-page sites - landing page, which is usually confined to the sale of a product or service via the search and / or contextual network of search giant networks, such as Google or Yandex, has started to gainRead more

Development of corporate identity

Development of corporate identity In today's world, with fierce competition, isolating oneself among the same types of goods or services is quite a challenge. In the development of visual solutions for the company's corporate style, designers, with the help of certain graphic forms united by one idea,Read more

Development of logos

Development of logos The logo is the "cornerstone" in the development of the corporate identity, from which the acquaintance with your consumer company begins, and subsequently, with what it is associated with it. Usually, the first thing the client sees is your logo, so you can definitelyRead more

Production of web banners

Production of web banners The creation of banners for websites allows you to more clearly tell the user about a product or service. The use of banners makes it easier to convey information about a product or service to a user. There are two types of banners:Read more

Mobile version of the site

Mobile version of the site With the development of the mobile Internet market, portable devices quickly select a percentage of site visits. This trend can be noticed by any person tracking visits to sites through various systems of analytics. To date, the design of the sites hasRead more

Business Card Design

Business Card Design
Business Card Design The design of a business card (business cards) is developed in accordance with the corporate identity and / or logo. In the absence of such - for the designer opens a wide field of choice of colors and styles of execution. However, the mainRead more

Creating icons

Creating icons The icon is a visual image for various services, product sections, etc., designed to balance the text and visual components, to select a particular area from the general array of information. Icon creation is an important step in the design of a website or application,Read more


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